Community Outreach

Johnson & Asberry is a leader and innovator in engaging communities on behalf of government agencies and private entities.

Johnson & Asberry designs and executes community engagement strategies for all phases of work – from feasibility studies, planning projects, and design initiatives to construction undertakings and development projects. On behalf of communities, where changes are taking place. Our clients trust us to ensure that their projects are completed on time and on budget, without complications resulting from community issues.

Disaster Relief and Resiliency Initiatives

Johnson & Asberry has unmatched experience and expertise providing communications solutions on disaster relief and resiliency projects. From community engagement to government to government relations to project communications, our expertise is in facilitating communication between project teams and communities following a disaster. Johnson & Asberry has the capability to mobilize quickly, providing communities with the communications they need while disaster relief efforts are ongoing, and ensuring that communities are engaged in the planning and design phases of resiliency-based initiatives.

Diversity Compliance

As a minority, woman owned business it is our mission to assist other minority, woman owned businesses to have a seat at the table.  We take great pride in the compliance role, aiding our partners in fulfilling their diversity goals.  Through our vast amount of  resources including the firms abundant NYC community relationships, our team will go above and beyond to ensure we have exercised the maximum good faith effort on your next project.

Public Relations

Johnson & Asberry develops strategic public relations campaigns that allow clients to achieve maximum visibility within the engineering, architecture, real estate, and construction industries.

We are an innovative partner to clients who wish to build their brands, within the industries we serve. First and foremost, we are listeners. We listen to our clients so we know their mission and their voice. We listen within our industries so we know which techniques are effective and meaningful. We anticipate public opinion and consider how it impacts our clients. Our public relations campaigns are strategically customized based on each client’s goals and the constantly changing market.

Johnson & Asberry’s unique reach within the engineering, architecture, real estate, and construction industries provides our clients with unmatched opportunities for success. We take positive messages and turn them into meaningful media stories. In time of crisis, we formulate a strategic response and mitigate negative impacts. Each step we take is part of a strategic plan built specifically for your organization.


Johnson & Asberry is a leader in public sector and professional services marketing. We begin with an overarching strategy to ensure that every marketing campaign is targeted, efficient, and cohesive.

Today’s marketing communications are move visual than ever before, and audiences need to be captivated in a matter of seconds. Johnson & Asberry produces integrated marketing campaigns that achieve our client’s goals. Whether your marketing package, we will help you find a solution to capture your specific audience.

Johnson & Asberry’s marketing capabilities include positioning products and services, identifying opportunities for strategic alliances, creating multi-faceted marketing strategies, assisting with business development, and designing print and digital marketing materials. We work with senior management and corporate marketing teams to build engaging and sustainable marketing campaigns. As an innovator in the marketing arena, we regularly introduce new techniques for niche marketing to firms in our industries. Our messages are visual and verbal, and break through noise and changing landscapes to inspire decision makers to take action. Our strategies and deliverables are designed to get your organization the attention it deserves within the engineering, architecture, real estate, and construction industries.


Johnson & Asberry creates and re-creates brands that are fueled by what our clients do best, enabling them to achieve recognition within the engineering, architecture, real estate and construction industries.

An organization’s brand is their image – who they are, what they do, why they do it, who they do it for, and what they stand for. A brand is the foundation for all marketing communications. Advertising, marketing campaigns, event sponsorships, public relations, and other communications are more effective and meaningful when the company’s brand is already well-known and recognized. How strong is your organization’s brand? How strong are the personal brands of your company’s leaders?

Johnson & Asberry helps identify and create brands, develops guidelines for brand consistency, trains employees to promote and maintain their organization and personal brands, and brings brands to life through strong marketing communications. We provide clients with the framework and strategic plan for communicating their brand to gain recognition and develop mutually beneficial relationships with clients, consumers, and decision makers. The brands we create and communicate drive growth, engagement, and success.

Event Production

Johnson & Asberry designs and produces conferences, public conferences, public meetings, engagement workshops, seminars, networking events, roundtables, and more. Our events are memorable, engaging, and effective.

Johnson & Asberry handles all aspects of event production – planning and design, venue selection, event marketing and promotion, event publications, sponsorships, staffing, event production, and post-event analysis. Our event production capabilities can be implemented as an overall marketing, public relations, or community engagement strategy, or as a standalone service. Our strategic planning capabilities and results – driven approach create events that are effective in carrying out an agency or firm’s goals of increased reach and recognition. Our success is the result of the attention to detail, flexibility, innovation, and enthusiasm that our team of event production specialists brings to each client.

Media Relations

As a goal-driven and results-oriented firm, Johnson & Asberry is a leader in creating innovative opportunities for our clients using the power of traditional, digital, and social media.

Our team of professionals has cultivated relationships with journalists, editors, bloggers, and influencers within the engineering, construction, architecture, and real estate industries. We leverage our knowledge of the way decision makers receive and process industry news to create success for our clients by strategically positioning them in relevant media.

Johnson & Asberry develops comprehensive media relations strategies on behalf of clients whose goals include increased reach and heightened recognition of their organization, brand, product, service, or initiative. We deliver content that results in positive perceptions, and mitigate pre-existing negative perceptions. Our work results in measurable, cost-effective successes that exceed our clients’ expectations.